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Alienware debuts two SLI laptops

Alienware debuts two SLI laptops

Alienware announced two new SLI laptop designs, both of which feature dual Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GTX graphics chips. The 17-inch Aurora m9700 and the 19-inch Aurora mALX each come with two GPUs, as well as AMD Turion 64 processors and Airgo MIMO wireless. The m9700 is significant because no other vendor has built an SLI notebook with a 17-inch screen; they all have been 19-inch at this point. And the mALX model comes with a backpack, Alienware's Ozma 7 headphones, and the extended ALX customer service plan. Both of the notebooks are currently on sale, but the MIMO wireless isn't included until June, so you're better off waiting a month before making a purchase.