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Alienware, coming to a store near you

Alienware has expanded its sales model from its direct method, letting local resellers on the bandwagon.

Alienware, supplier of pre-built super high performance machines, has expanded its business model in Australia beyond its direct-to-customer model, allowing resellers to get on the bandwagon.

Already a niche brand, the reseller program is "targeted at enthusiast resellers that specialise predominately in high-end systems", according to the press release.

Considering enthusiasts and enthusiast resellers conduct a large part of their business through online stores, the requirements for becoming a reseller are interesting -- a minimum order quantity of 10 units per quarter, and at least one desktop and laptop on display at all times. Maybe they can stick the laptop and desktop in a room in the warehouse and claim they're on display to the employees.

Regardless of this, an increased presence can't hurt for Alienware, and we look forward to seeing their products get the local recognition they deserve.