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Alien abduction lamp, for those who want to believe

This might be the best lamp ever created.

Lasse Klein

Admit it--you know you loved the conspiracy-theory kitsch of Men In Black. (Can you believe it's been 10 years since that movie came out?) And you know you love this Abduction Lamp, too. Designed by Lasse Klein and licensed under the Creative Commons standard, this is probably one of the most clever light fixtures we've ever written up on Crave; and for the record, we see a lot of them.

Here's how it works. There's a light bulb inside the supremely awesome metal UFO on top, which illuminates the windows and the mysterious aliens inside. Because of the way the lamp is built, the light also illuminates the glass beam, creating that delightful X-Files effect.

While the Abduction Lamp is still in "concept mode," and hence isn't available for purchase (yet), the designer has already created some add-ons, like a cow getting beamed up (see picture). Maybe she could create a figurine of Steve Ballmer to go inside the UFO--because that guy is totally an alien.