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Alfresco makes Facebook part of the Enterprise

Alfresco makes Facebook part of the Enterprise

Over the last few weeks I have been connecting with more and more people on Facebook (against my better judgment, of course) and started to think that it was nothing more than a time waster. I found myself clicking link after link to see who updated their status, what movies they watched and who was a Zombie. As it turned out, it was I who had become a Facebook zombie and I needed to detach immediately.

The team from Alfresco has come along and created something very useful--easy content integration from their Enterprise Content Management product to the Facebook social network. And it's all open source for your development enjoyment.

From an enterprise perspective, organizations must have the ability to publish to a Facebook audience as effectively as to a Web site audience. From an employee perspective, forward-looking enterprises believe that social networking provides a ready-made knowledge-management platform for their workers, which will increase adoption rates to the levels that knowledge management was always meant to achieve.
It's great to finally see something of value attach to what otherwise remains a distraction. More from Forrester...