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Smart Home

Alexa comes to iPhone and iPad via the Amazon shopping app

Users of the iOS Amazon shopping app can now access Alexa on the go.

Sarah Tew/CNET

You can now use Alexa directly on your iPhone or iPad, via the Amazon app. Amazon just enabled its voice assistant within the company's mobile shopping application for iOS devices. You simply press the microphone icon in the app to summon Alexa and give her a command.

Where before a voice interface in the app could help you search for products and check up on recent orders, now you have access to Alexa's full set of skills. That includes scores of internet services, the ability to play Amazon Music, read Kindle books, and, of course, control an ever-growing roster of Alexa-compatible smart home devices.

So far Alexa hasn't come to the Android version of Amazon's shopping app. While you can conduct voice searches and utter commands, at the moment Alexa's voice and skillset remain absent.