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Amazon's Alexa coming to Bragi's 'smart' earphones in October

Bragi's adding Alexa voice-control capabilities to its Dash and Dash Pro totally wireless earphones.

Alexa is coming to the The Dash and Dash Pro through a firmware upgrade in October.


Over time Bragi has been steadily adding new features to its totally wireless "smart" earphones and in October owners of The Dash and Dash Pro will be able to add Amazon's Alexa voice assistant by downloading Bragi OS (BOS) 3.1 at

Onvocal's OV was the first wireless Bluetooth headphone to be Alexa-enabled, but look for more wireless headphones to add Alexa in the coming months.

According to Bragi, here's a look some of Alexa Skills that will be included at launch: 

  • E-Commerce using Skills such as Starbucks Reorder to order a beverage on-the-go
  • Ridesharing and carsharing Skills including DriveNow (Germany) and Uber (USA)
  • Integration of Amazon Music and access to other streaming services such as TuneIn and Audible
  • Other Skills include NewsFeed by Audioburst, Earplay and Ambient Noise
  • The ability to add events to your daily schedule by simply speaking into The Dash Pro
  • Text messaging 
  • Ask Alexa to play sleep and relaxation sounds like "rain"

Bragi didn't say anything yet about smart home features such as controlling your lights or thermostats with your voice, but we'll update this post with a link to a more comprehensive list of Alexa Skills when we get it from Bragi. 

Amazon Alexa on The Dash supports US, UK (United Kingdom) and DE (Germany) language platforms. It is currently available on all iOS devices, it'll also work on devices running Android 7.0 Nougat and above.