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Alarm clock lets you wake up a winner

Wake up to the sweet sound of game show themes with this retro-themed TV alarm clock.

Made of durable plastic in case you throw your alarm clock.
No word if this comes with a case of Turtle Wax or a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat. SourcingMap

I have yet to meet a person who enjoys being woken up by an alarm clock. I know I don't. However, that was before I heard about this.

The Retro TV Game Show Alarm Clock not only looks like a wee retro-styled TV, but it also plays old game show themes and sounds to wake you up.

I didn't see a list, so I'm a little curious as to which four theme songs and sounds are featured. I think the losing sound from The Price is Right would be about the perfect alarm tone. Wakes you up and sets the tone for your morning commute.

The irony here is that hearing game show theme songs reminds me of staying home sick from school rather than waking up, but maybe that's just me.

The clock has a test-signal background (like they used to have when stations actually signed off for the night) and includes a remote control. It runs on three AAA batteries or a 4.5-volt DC adapter, neither of which are included.

All this can be yours if the price is right, which in this case, is $19.99 from SourcingMap.

(Via GeekAlerts)