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Alarm clock dock gives iPhone 3G some iLuv

New dock for iPod and iPhone from can handle two iPods or iPhones at the same time.


iLuv is out with the iLuv iMM173, a dual-dock alarm clock accessory that's fully compatible with the iPhone 3G. The device can house and charge two iPhones or iPods (or one of each) simultaneously and features an advanced user interface with jAura sound technology, which iLuv says produces sound in an acoustic compression tunnel of mass of air rather than directly from vibrating a speaker module like common speaker systems.

Other noteworthy features include an auxiliary line input for any audio devices with a 3.5mm jack; a daylight-saving time switch; a digital clock display with dual alarm clock featuring wake to iPhone or iPod; and FM radio or buzzer options to rouse you from your snooze.

The iLuv iMM173's radio functions include FM stereo, PLL digital tuning technology, and eight preset programmable radio stations. It works with the dock connector of any iPhone and iPod (excluding first, second, and third generation), and will be available for purchase in early September for an estimated $130.