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Alan Wake named Time's game of the year

Magazine names the Xbox 360 spookfest the top title of the year, with Angry Birds, Red Dead Redemption, and Halo: Reach also making the top five.

Alan Wake
Time magazine is shining the spotlight on Alan Wake. GameSpot

This week, Time named Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is its 2010 person of the year. Likely of more interest to gamers is the list of the magazine's top 10 games of the year, which named Microsoft and Remedy's Xbox 360 spookfest Alan Wake the No. 1 game of 2010.

In second place was a game that was technically released for the iPhone in 2009--Angry Birds from the now-EA-owned publisher Chillingo and Finnish studio Rovio. Third place went to the open-world Western Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar's San Diego studio, followed by the sci-fi shooter Halo: Reach from Microsoft and Bungie. In fifth place was Nintendo's Wii platformer Super Mario Galaxy 2, followed by the Xbox Live cult hit Limbo.

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