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Alan Wake 2 not in development at Remedy, but two new games are

Remedy is already looking to the future after Quantum Break, but Alan Wake fans will have to wait.

Developer Remedy put out their latest game, Quantum Break, earlier this spring for Xbox One and Windows 10, but it's already working on a couple new projects. In a post on its website, the studio announced that it's currently creating two new games. However, we'll have to wait a while before we see anything about either of them.

Remedy published the post as a studio update following the release of Quantum Break, and in it Head of Communications Thomas Puha writes that the developer is going to work harder in the future to produce games at a higher frequency. "Moving forward, we want to create more games and hopefully get them out more often," he states. "In order to achieve this, Remedy has expanded into two game development teams."

Puha also clarifies that Remedy has already been developing one of the games for some time: "For a while now already, we've been developing a brand-new Remedy game with a new partner. Our second team is working on an early concept, which will turn into another Remedy game sometime in the future."

Back in April, online resumes from Remedy team members suggested that the studio had already been working on a new game for nine months, so this post confirms those early hints.

Sadly, Alan Wake fans will have to wait longer to get anything related to Remedy's survival-horror franchise. Neither project is an Alan Wake game, although the update does hint that Alan Wake could appear in something other than a game. "We feel that it's important to set the expectations right and let you, the fans, know that neither of the two projects currently in development is an Alan Wake game," he wrote. "We're working on something else, but at the same time we're exploring opportunities in other mediums to tell more Alan Wake stories."

Quantum Break launched in April and became Microsoft's biggest-selling Xbox One new IP. In his review, however, GameSpot critic Peter Brown wrote, "No matter how impressive the combat is, or how great the game looks, there's no getting around the fact that it's driven by a story with limited appeal and hindered by disappointing design decisions." You can read the full review here.