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Akitio intros personal MyCloud Duo NAS server

Akito announces a dual-bay MyCloud Duo NAS server that offers the ability to access and share digital content over the Internet.

The new MyCloud Duo NAS server from Akitio.
The new MyCloud Duo NAS server from Akitio. Akitio

Akitio announced today the availability of the MyCloud Duo, its second-generation personal cloud NAS server.

The company says the new server features a Web-based file browser and media player to offer over-the-Internet file management and media playback, via a convenient portal. For the local network, the server features a one Gigabit Ethernet port and has a built-in UPnP AV media server, allowing users to stream content to any UPnP-AV- and DLNA- compatible devices.

As a storage device, the MyCloud Duo supports the SMB standard and can be automatically detected by other computers. The server can house two SATA hard drives in RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOB configurations and is able to handle 3TB hard drives. For those who travel a lot with mobile devices, the server comes with free iOS and Android mobile apps to manage and view files directly on mobile devices.

The new Akitio MyCloud Duo personal cloud NAS server is available now and is slated to cost $149.