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AKG's high-end headphones get the blues

The new color of this pair is meant to endure wear and tear better than its predecessor's white finish.


If you're a performance-minded audiophile who thinks aesthetics are of little or no importance to equipment, consider AKG's newest high-end headphones. The Austrian company has just announced the successor to its highly rated K 701 model--which Crave UK photographed in excruciating detail just last week--but the main differences in the new version seem largely cosmetic.

The K 702, which Steve Guttenberg said will be released in August, will come in a "Stage Blue" as opposed to its predecessor's white finish, according to Audio Junkies. The company says the reason behind the change is more than simple vanity.

"The white K 701s were victims of their own success, and studio life took its toll on the pristine white," according to an AKG product manager. That may seem a bit OCD, but considering the list price for these headphones--more than $350--one has a right to be a little neurotic.