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AKG wireless headphones latest victim of Bluetooth quality curse

We'd like these Bluetooth wireless headphones more if they didn't come with a subpar plastic build and poor sound quality.

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If you're tired of fiddling with tangled cords, the AKG K830 BT wireless headphones offer a simple solution using Bluetooth technology, if you're willing to shell out $250 and don't mind the plastic band audibly flexing while they're on. We put these headphones to the test, and while it's nice to shop in a supermarket and ride a crowded subway train without worrying about a cord yanking them off your head, we take issue with its delicate build and subpar sound quality.

We can't blame AKG entirely for the latter, since a Bluetooth connection requires a compressed audio signal to snip the hard wire, but we'd have an easier time recommending these to users if they were $100 cheaper. As they stand, the K 830 BT sounds muddy and underpowered, like you're listening to the radio and not an MP3.

That being said, if you're desperate to go wireless with your music, we recommend alternative wireless headphone technologies--specifically, the TDK WR700 headphones--that boast much cleaner sound and a universal connection to any device with a headphone jack for a fraction of the price. It uses a new wireless signal called Kleer that boosts the audio signal to what you'd normally hear with a pair of traditional wired headphones.

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