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AJP M555N-E Napa laptop stirs our loins

AJP isn't shy when it comes to design -- a fact it proves yet again with the release of the ultra-stylish, ultra-modern M55N5-E laptop

The Apple MacBook Pro is an impressive piece of kit. Not only is it built using the best laptop components available to man, beast or highly evolved alien life-form, but it also looks good enough to lick.

We've seen a couple of Windows-based laptops that use similar, if slightly faster processors than those of the MacBook Pro, but none have looked nice enough to have Crave ogling like pubescent schoolgirls at a Justin Timberlake concert. Until today.

The AJP M555N-E is a visual stunner. Silver laptops have been done to death, but this has a premium feel thanks to its alternating brushed and pressed aluminium highlights.

It's not all about looks though: the M555N-E uses the latest Centrino technology (Napa) to provide a good blend of raw performance, great connectivity and long battery life. Crave's test machine uses a 1.8GHz Intel Core Duo processor (just like the fastest MacBook Pro), plus 1GB of RAM and a 15-inch screen -- and the best part is that it'll only set you back £1,000.

We're off to Crave's secret underground facility to examine it more closely. Watch out for a full review shortly. -RR