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Ajax-fresh imaging with XMG

XMG Image is a bit of a science project, blending image hosting services with new Web technologies like Ajax.

XMG Image launched its public beta yesterday. The photo hosting and editing service gives you 200MB of free storage, with a bigger pro plan on the way. XMG Image offers the standard fare of individual and batch photo uploading, but adds extensive album and tag creation and management. There's also customized sharing for forums, Web sites, and blogs.

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What differentiates XMG Image from other photo hosting sites is its use of new Web technologies like Ajax. Ajax pop-up dialogs are quickly overtaking regular old pop-up messages on sites, and XMG is no exception as nearly all the command options are implemented this way.

XMG Image is still a little early in development, but it's got some neat features--like the ability to see both the before and after effects of editing an image using some of the built-in filters. You also can sort and organize your albums by dragging and dropping. You can do this in Flickr too, but XMG is a bit speedier. Keep an eye on this one.

See also Picnik.

[Found on Museum of Modern Betas]