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Airport posts Facebook pic of crash to boast about safety

England's Luton airport decides a fun way of claiming that it is always prepared for snow is to post an image of a plane crash in which a child died.

Luton Airport. A perfectly safe place? Settime2588/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The beauty -- and the challenge -- of Facebook is to keep people engaged.

You know, excited, amused, enthralled, and fascinated.

One way of doing this is to post a picture of a plane crash in which a child died.

No, that is not a professional recommendation. That's what one enthusiastic member of the support team at England's Luton Airport thought would be a perfect marketing wheeze.

Indeed, the image of a plane that crashed at Chicago's Midway airport was accompanied with the sensitive caption: "Because we are such a super airport... this is what we prevent you from when it snows... Weeeee :)."

I wasn't aware that airports could be so confident in asserting perfect safety.

Especially Luton, which is a smallish airport to the north of London from which pasty British travelers often fly to sunnier climes on very cheap flights.

Still, it seems that certain members of the public thought this wasn't quite the best form of socially networked boasting.

As the BBC reports, the airport removed the boasting posting and described it as "wholly unacceptable and irresponsible."

You might imagine that this irresponsibility was perpetrated by a young, hairy -- and possibly male -- intern, eager to show his social-media skills and sense of humor.

I cannot confirm more than my suspicions.

For the airport merely told the BBC: "In this instance a new, overenthusiastic member of our support team made an honest but misguided mistake and clearly stepped over the line."