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AirPort Extreme driver 3.4.2 fixes >1 GB RAM connection issues

AirPort Extreme driver 3.4.2 fixes >1 GB RAM connection issues

Apple has released version 3.4.2 of the AirPort Extreme driver, which fixes an issue where having more than 1GB of RAM in a Mac or PowerBook with an AirPort Extreme card could result in wireless network slowdowns and disconnects (see reports 1, 2 and 3), especially during periods of heavy network transfers. Previously, the only was removing RAM to bring the installed total under 1 GB.

Apple's release notes state only that the new release provides enhanced networking reliability during certain memory intensive operations, but several readers have confirmed that the new release fixes the >1 GB of RAM connection problems.

Two posters to VersionTracker's comment system note the fix:

  • "butcher1" writes: "It appears this update fixed the major problem a lot of users with >1 GB of RAM have been complaining about, where Airport would drop out under extreme network or CPU loads and not connect to a network again until rebooting."
  • "Titanium" writes: "I was having some really ugly Airport behavior with my 17" PowerBook with 2G of RAM. Seems to be resolved and working perfectly now."

The new release is a 752KB download available via Software Update. Note that the update will only show up if you have AirPort 3.4 or 3.4.1 software currently installed.

If you are having any issues after installing the update, please drop us a line at late-breakers@macfixit.com.

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