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AirPods vs. BeatsX vs. Powerbeats3: Which is best for you?

We tested Apple's three W1-enabled Bluetooth earbuds to help you find the right fit.

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Apple's W1 chip was arguably the company's most important innovation of 2016. The Bluetooth chip designed for headphones makes pairing a breeze and improves the connection between devices, and you can now find it in these three new models of wireless headphones.

We compared the new AirPods, the BeatsX and the Powerbeats3 to figure out what each one offers and which one is the best option for you.


The Apple-branded AirPods are the most convenient, but they're probably the least practical. Because each pod is completely wireless (no cable connecting them) they're easy to lose and they dangle awkwardly from your earlobe.


The BeatsX are the cheapest W1-enabled option with all the functionality you need in a Bluetooth headset, but they're lacking the truly wireless feel of the AirPods.


These aren't completely cable-free either, but they're the best design for people who lead a more active lifestyle and are looking for workout companions. They're also the most expensive of the bunch.

It really comes down to how you plan to use them and how much you're willing to spend.