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AirPods schmairpods: Samsung reminds world it made wireless earbuds first

Samsung draws attention to the Gear IconX headphones with a dig at the design of Apple's AirPods.

Samsung's Gear IconX wireless in-ear headphones.


Samsung wants you to remember that it makes wireless earbuds too.

A couple days after Apple unveiled its wireless AirPods, Samsung has posted an interview with the designers of the Samsung Gear IconX cordless earbuds.

"The smooth triangular shape of the earbud is modern and intense," said senior designer Seounghyun Son. "When decorating the Gear IconX, we deliberated on which combination of colors would yield distinct character. The combination of black and lime, for instance, is sporty, trendy and enduring."

To find the right fit for people's ears, the shape of the earbuds was adjusted in 0.5-degree increments and tested over and over. Unlike the Apple AirPods, the IconX earbuds have rubber tips to help them fit snugly in different ears. "A harder material would be durable, but might hurt when worn," said engineer Sunghan Park. Boom. Take that, Apple.

Also unlike the AirPods, the IconX headphones have a heart rate monitor.

Samsung Gear IconX headphones are on sale now for $199 in the US, £169 in the UK and AU$279 in Australia. Apple AirPods go on sale in late October for $159 in the US, £159 in the UK and AU$229 in Australia.

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Samsung Gear IconX (black)
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