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Airline axes 2 tons of TVs in favor of Apple's iPad

With iPads appearing in all kinds of business for any number of reasons, one airline made the switch to Apple's tablet to help decrease the weight of its planes.


Singapore Airlines subsidiary Scoot Pte recently launched its low-cost airline carrier, a business made possible in part by shedding nearly 2 tons of television and other video equipment in favor of Apple's 1.44-pound iPad, according to Bloomberg.

By shedding the weight of outdated video equipment, Scoot Pte was able to increase its seat capacity by 40 percent and still come in at a weight loss of 7 percent. Perhaps a show titled "Biggest Loser: Budget Airlines Edition" is in order.

Weight, of course, is the biggest issue when airlines are deciding on ticket prices. The weight of the plane directly affects the gas usage, an expense that accounts for about 40 percent of an airline's operating costs.

The iPads used in Scoot Pte's planes will be available to rent for economy class customers at a rate of $17USD per flight and will offer music, movies, games, and television shows.

The carrier will offer the iPads for free to its business class customers, already paying a higher rate for their seats.

While analysts are unsure if Scoot Pte's business model is sustainable over a long period of time, decreasing the weight of the plane (and by extension the cost of fuel) is a good step to controlling costs. By renting the iPads, providing food and beverages at a cost, and charging for various other services, Scoot Pte (like other budget airlines) hopes to offset its low ticket prices.

Would you rent an iPad for $17 to use on your flight? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!