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​Airbnb redoes For You so it really, really is for you

The home-rental service wants to give you suggestions that actually fit the place you're traveling to.

Airbnb updates its For You tab to be more individually curated.


The first thing you see when you go to Airbnb's website or app is a For You tab. Take a scroll down and you'll see suggestions of places to stay and excursions to take, like watching the sunset in Barcelona or tasting wine in Northern California.

The problem is, those excursions might not really apply to you.

So Airbnb is making some changes to its For You feature. Starting Monday, people will see suggestions of things to do on their upcoming trips and, once they're on a trip, recommendations for wherever they are. The idea is to make For You more individually curated.

"Say you want to head to Barcelona in July. What should you do when you get there?" Airbnb wrote in a blog post. "Our improved For You tab helps with all of this -- from planning unique activities in advance to booking iconic experiences in the moment."

Airbnb has gone from a site for couch surfers to a massive online presence in the past nine years. It lists roughly 3 million homes for rent across nearly every country on Earth. Last fall the home-rental company expanded its service with its Trips platform, which includes more features for travelers.

One Trips feature is "experiences," through which guests can book excursions put together by local hosts -- one of the things users see in the For You tab.

The travel experiences can be multiday or just short adventures. Such excursions include surfing in Malibu, learning about Nelson Mandela in Cape Town and truffle hunting in Tuscany.

Now with the update to For You, you'll be more likely to see truffle hunting in Tuscany if you're actually traveling there.

The For You revamp will first be rolled out to people who use English as their app language setting and who are searching for or traveling to Barcelona, Cape Town, Florence, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Paris, Toyko or San Francisco. It'll be expanding to more cities in coming months.

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