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Airbnb goes uptown with deluxe accommodations soon

The website is rumored to be adding a new luxury tier offering upscale vacation rentals.

Shugborough, house, hall, mansion, formal garden

Airbnb is rumored to be launching a new luxury service with offerings like high-end penthouses, villas and mansions, including concierge service.

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Airbnb might soon be rolling out the red carpet in attempt to be more posh. The company is rumored to be adding a new luxury tier for its offerings.

As reported by Bloomberg, the San Francisco-based home rental company has been working internally on a new level of high-end rentals (penthouses, mansions and the like) called Airbnb Lux. This follows on the heels of Airbnb's recent acquisition of Luxury Retreats, a Canadian vacation rental property company that has 4,000 homes including villas, mansions and penthouses in locations around the world.

An upscale variation on its original model could be a large source of revenue for Airbnb, which takes a percentage of the booking cost.

Airbnb declined to comment.