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Airbnb Express parody gets into the dark side of home sharing

Comedy troupe Above Average released a promo video for Airbnb Express, which lets you pay to go through other people's belongings without having to sleep in their beds.

Airbnb helps people find places to stay while traveling -- currently with more than 1 million listings around the world -- but arguably one of the best reasons to use the service is the chance to go through and make fun of other people's things.

That's the premise behind this video from the comedy troupe Above Average, which envisions a new service called Airbnb Express that lets customers spend an hour or two in a stranger's apartment or home to see what kind of junk they have lying around. In the clip, Airbnb Express guests find an embarrassing pair of Crocs, go through the homeowner's mail and raid the medicine cabinet to get their hands on the good stuff.

Fortunately for those of us with a lot of junk lying around the house, Airbnb Express isn't a real service, but the video does make you think twice about cleaning up if you list your place for rent on the real Airbnb. Watch the video above, then be sure to hide your Crocs, bongs and vibrators better the next time you have strangers invading the house for a night.