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Air filters are bringing sexy back

These are quite pretty.


There are some household gizmos that I thought would never get "sexy." Air purifiers, for example. I thought they were doomed to look like a cross between air conditioners and old-school computer towers for the rest of history. But Blueair's Airpod, as featured on Eclectic Detective, has proven me wrong. The Airpod looks like a cross between a wrapped gift box and a high-end audio speaker (though its design, as well as its name, is clearly inspired by the iPod), and comes in four pretty patterns to match your impeccably designed living space. They retail for around $100, which is a tad pricey, but not outrageous when you think about what some people are forking over for cell phones these days.


If these cute air filters work effectively, I think there really would only be one downside. They look so utterly unlike their stodgy brethren, visitors to your house would be totally confused as to what they are, and you'd probably get a lot of questions like, "Hey, why don't your fancy iPod speakers work?"

Just in time for spring allergy season!

(Via Apartment Therapy.)