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Aio Wireless cuts no-contract rate plans

The AT&T subsidiary lowers prices and raises data buckets for its prepaid plans, and puts a trio of Samsung phones on sale.

Samsung Galaxy Amp
Aio Wireless' price-cutting extends to smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Amp shown here. Josh Miller/CNET

Aio Wireless became the latest carrier to drop prices on its no-contract plans, following US Cellular and Sprint MVNO Ting.

On Tuesday, it announced three plans that combine lower rate plans with higher data buckets. All three plans include unlimited voice and messaging and can be paired with smartphones.

The Basic Plan, priced at $40 per month, now allows for up to 500MB 4G LTE data, double that of the previous plan. The Smart Plan now runs $50 per month and includes 2.5GB data per month; customers receive one-half gigabyte more data and pay $5 less each month than before. On the high end, the Pro Plan gives customers 5GB of high speed data at a lowered rate of $60 per month. Customers who sign up for automatic payment through Auto Pay can save an additional $5 per month on their bill, regardless of plan.

It's worth noting that all of Aio's rate plans do allow for unlimited data. User who go over the allotted amount, however, will find data speeds are throttled until the end of the billing cycle.

Aio is also discounting a number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, shaving up to $80 off the standard prices. The Galaxy Amp currently sells for $49.99 (normally priced at $129.99) while the Galaxy Express carries a $199.99 sticker (normally priced at $249.99). Those looking for a flagship experience can scoop up the Galaxy S4 for $529.99, a savings of $50 off the typical price.