Aigo's GeYao F210 sports unique cracks on body

Chinese company says no two patterns on its new cameras are identical, and if anyone spot two units with matching patterns, it will reward the finder $1 million.

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Aigo GeYao F210
Aigo's GeYao F210 features cracks reminiscent of those produced by kilns in the Song Dynasty. Aigo

China-based company Aigo is probably known more for its inexpensive media players than anything else, but its new digital camera is making quite a splash because of "cracks" on the shooter's body.

According to the company's Web site, GeYao is one of the five famous kilns in the ancient Song Dynasty. The kiln produced many ceramic wares with fine cracks all over them, giving each piece a unique touch. This feature is implemented on the chassis of the GeYao F210. The firm boldly claims on its site that the patterns on each digicam are special and no two are identical. Aigo adds that if anyone spots two units with matching patterns, it will reward the finder $1 million.

The F210 is a basic 12-megapixel point-and-shoot that comes with 3x optical zoom lens, 2.7-inch LCD, and other functions such as face detection and scene recognition modes. These specifications aren't the highlight of this uniquely designed snapper, though.

You can see all the different crack patterns here and buy the one you like most online. Me? I'm going to pore over each model and see if I can claim that moolah from Aigo.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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