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Ahoy Jedi! Fans make 'Star Wars' landspeeder raft

You don't have to be a Skywalker to ride around in a landspeeder. These crafty Aussie "Star Wars" fans made one to glide across the water for a race.

May the Force be with this landspeeder raft. Becs Reed

We've seen a landspeeder cat bed and even a DIY landspeeder for kids, so why not pretend you're Luke Skywalker in a landspeeder raft?

This impressive landspeeder -- which should probably be renamed lakespeeder -- was built by crafty fans for their local Australia Day raft race.

"I really wanted to build a 'Star Wars' themed raft, so my husband and I built this out of coreflute (plastic sheet), painted it using acrylics and filled it with blow-ups for the race," Becs Reed told Crave. "We were pretty happy with it for the short time we had to make it."

While the landspeeder raft might not have been the fastest watercraft, it won for best/most creative. "One of the great things was there were so many different age groups and different people and they all had one thing in common -- they knew what it was, where it was from and they all loved 'Star Wars,'" Reed told Crave.

Reed found that her fellow "Star Wars" fans were quite impressed with the creation.

"It's amazing how 'Star Wars' can bring people together and strangers will start talking about it," Reed said. "'Star Wars' is such a community and brings so much joy to others, that's one of the things I love about it."

It might not move much on land, but in the water you can pretend to be a Skywalker. Becs Reed