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Ahead of Pixel 3 event, Google updates USB-C headphone adapter

The more efficient dongle now costs $12, up from $9.


We're expecting Google to announce its next-generation Pixel 3 phones on Oct. 9, but a better, faster dongle has surfaced early for your Pixel phone's pleasure. 

Google's store page says its upgraded $12 (£12) USB-C Headphone Adapter "now provides 38 percent more playback time and has a 53 percent improvement on plug-in latency than previously available Pixel 2 headphone adapter." 

The adapter is also infinitesimally shorter and lighter, by 0.1 inches (2.8mm) and 0.01 ounces (0.4 grams), according to Android Police.

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Google ditching the headphone jack on the Pixel 2 phones last year and going with a dongle was a controversial move, especially since it meant the company unbundled the headphones that used to come with it. 

At least this year, based on leaks, we think the Pixel 3 XL may include USB-C headphones in the box.

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