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After 32 years, Koss finally considers color options for the Porta Pro headphones

Koss is calling on its loyal Porta Pro fans to vote on a new colorway.

Which one do you prefer?


If someone asks me for headphone buying advice and doesn't need fancy stuff like active noise canceling or a wireless connection, I always recommend the Koss Porta Pro.

Their remarkable sound quality and understated design earned my approval as soon as I put them on back in 2008 and they're still one of my favorite pairs of budget headphones to date.

Koss introduced the Porta Pro in 1984 and they grew such a cult following with audiophiles that Koss hasn't updated a single thing about them (including the drivers) for 32 years, until now.

The company is finally planning to sell a limited edition colorway of the retro headphones and is enlisting the help of fans to vote on their favorite design. Don't worry, the company promises that the internal components and its "house sound" will remain unchanged.

The color options are black gold, whiteout, rhythm beige, gold, and blackout, and you can cast your vote now until the end of July.