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Afroman gets high on the charts

Crave's weekly ringtone tracker sees Chris Brown topping the list, and Afroman cracking the top five.

Each week, Crave tracks the most popular ringtones.

The one-hit wonder remains on the charts.

You may not know who Afroman is, but you're sure to remember his only hit song "Because I Got High." The song, released back in the summer of 2000, is actually a cautionary tale about how marijuana can ruin someone's life. For some reason, I doubt the song cracked Billboard's top-five ringtone chart because of its antidrug message.

Afroman's song was the fourth-hottest ringtone, up two spots from last week. Chris Brown's "Poppin'" still holds the top spot, and is followed again by Buckcherry's "Crazy B****."

It's a me, Mario. Nintendo

Rascal Flatts's "What Hurts the Most" moved up to third, and despite my wishes, 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" is still the fifth-hottest ringtone.

The Gym Class Heroes are seeing a surge in popularity, and their "Cupid's Chokehold" zoomed from 19 last week to number six. I have to say, it's a catchy little ditty that's grown on me.

You 8-bit gamers out there will be happy to know the "Super Mario Brothers Theme" is ninth on the charts, and has been on the charts for 125 weeks. You can read the full list here.