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African humanoid built from old TVs

Student from the Togolese Republic constructs walking humanoid robot almost entirely out of old television sets.

Student Sam Todo takes Sam10 for a stroll. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

You could be responsibly green and take your old TV to Best Buy to be recycled. Or, like Sam Todo, you could be responsibly geeky, taking the telly apart and turning it into a walking humanoid robot!

Todo, a student from Africa's Togolese Republic, constructed "Sam10" almost entirely from old television sets, as you'll note from the antenna popping up behind the little guy's head. Todo aims to make the robot fully automatic, so it can greet people, avoid objects, and calculate the distance in front of it.

The robophile also says he also wants Sam10 to inspire more young Africans to get interested in sciences--a laudable goal.

We wish we knew more about Sam10's specs. We do know it looks like a cross between this roboman made from a dead Xbox 360 and one of those bizarre Japanese humanoid fighter bots. And hey, for now, that's good enough for us.

(Via BotJunkie)