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Aerosmith guitarist making music with Monster

Aerosmith's Joe Perry has announced he is working on a set of speakers and headphones focused on classic rock with one of the companies behind the Beats brand.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is collaborating with audio manufacturer Monster on a new range of home audio gear which could hit the market during 2016.

While the new range is expected to include speakers and headphones, Perry confirmed he has been collaborating with Monster on a "boombox" which he has been using on tour which is "probably the best boombox that I've ever heard."

Perry praised the speaker's durability and said it didn't have "any knobs that could break off" and it was "big enough that it can put out a lot of music."

He says he's been happy with the products he has worked on so far and has been happy to endorse them as a result.

"I won't put my name on anything unless I use it and unless I'm happy with it. That's why I'm doing whatever I can do given the technology. It's a whole new thing for me, and I'm really excited about it," Perry said.

Monster was one of the inventors of Beats headphones, but the brand was sold to Apple in 2014 and is now one of the most successful headphone brands.

Perry says the collaboration began at CES 2016 after a conversation with head Monster Noel Lee. He said the two have had a relationship for many years.

"I've been using their guitar cables, I've been really happy with those", he said.

He said they had yet to decide on a name, but that it would be its own brand, not a Monster product.

Perry says the reason he wanted to produce the line is because he says that products like Beats sound poor with classic rock music.

He says he understands that other companies have tried to produce rock-centric products before -- from Motorhead to Iron Maiden to Marshall -- but his line would "sound a little bit better."

Perry said it would be great if his brand could compete with Beats, but his expectations are relatively modest.

"I think that's going to be up to the people who listen to this stuff, you know. It's all relative. I mean it would be great but I don't know," Perry said.

Perry says he hopes to have products available by the end of the 2016 but admitted that the decision wasn't up to him.