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Aeolus fan-powered phone: Get on the blower

Never again worry about the battery on your blower with the the Aeolus concept, which lets you literally breathe new life into your phone

It's always frustrating when the battery on your blower goes. Taking inspiration from the long-held nickname for the telephone, the Aeolus would let you breathe new life into your mobile phone's battery -- by blowing on it.

It's not a real phone, unfortunately, existing only in concept form to show off some ideas for environmentally friendly designs. The mock-up includes a fan and solar panel to charge the battery, and calls for the phone to be made of renewable materials, with a low-power single-colour LCD screen. Graphic designer Cyrene Quiamco named the concept after the Greek god of wind.

If you're so green you don't even have a car, attaching the phone to the front of your bike could give the battery a hefty boost. Ideally, bubbles would come out when you blow on it.


This could be of interest to users in developing countries. Nokia recently announced the C1, a cheap dual-SIM phone with a torch built in, designed especially for poorer nations.

We reckon a fan would have been a smashing addition to the iPhone 4 -- so much hot air has been generated about its reception issues you'd never need to charge it again. Boom boom!