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Adults-only vending machine dispenses Jell-O

Kraft and Intel get together to create a vending machine that scans human faces and calculates age. Only adults are offered a sample of a new Jell-O product aimed at the non-kid crowd.

It's Jell-O for grown-ups. Kraft

Much like Lego is attempting to expand its audience into the uncharted world of girls, Kraft is trying to get adults to eat Jell-O outside of shots at frat parties.

Kraft's new line of Jell-O Temptations products features flavors like lemon meringue pie, chocolate truffle indulgence, and raspberry cheesecake. I guess that might turn off kids who are used to simpler Jell-O tastes like grape and cherry.

Kraft recruited Intel to help design a sample vending machine to hand out snacks to its target audience.

The iSample has been installed for trial runs in Chicago and New York.

An optical sensor seeks out the human face and the machine then quickly computes the sex and age of the potential sampler.

Only adults are offered a taste of Temptations. Children will be left disappointed and disillusioned with technology.

The iSample could signal the start of a new breed of vending machines that double as market research vehicles. The Temptations machine doesn't store any images or video, so your privacy is pretty much intact for now.

(Via BBC News)