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Adorable smartphone robot RoBoHoN is our new BFF (Tomorrow Daily 254)

Ashley discusses an experiment to teach a drone to help a robot navigate, a special foam heart that could someday become a viable transplant and a super cute Japanese robot that also happens to be a smartphone.

"A drone helps a robot across the road" seems like the start of a really nerdy joke, but it's actually happening right now. Scientists at the Autonomous System Lab in Sweden are currently working on a project designed to teach a drone to assist a robot in navigation. It's an interesting process, and fortunately, so far the robot moves slow enough that we're not too worried about the drone teaching it to track down human targets.
One major problem with current artificial heart technology is that the number of moving parts equals more pieces that could break down. Cornell University is trying to solve that issue by creating a faux heart out of a single piece of material. It's a porous, elastic foam piece, and the simplified, two-chamber heart concept CU built was able to pump water between the chambers.
Lastly, we're in love with little RoBoHoN, Sharp's quirky smartphone that also happens to be an adorable robot. The Android-Powered smartphone resides in RoBoHoN's back, while the robot notifies the user of calls, texts, emails, scheduled events and more by conversing with them. Our own Tim Stevens checked out RoBoHoN in person at CEATEC Japan, and we're pretty upset he didn't sneak one past the security guards to bring home to us.
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254: Adorable smartphone robot RoBoHoN is our new BFF

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