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Adobe's online CS3 tutorials receive more than 5 million plays

Web tutorials prove popular for Adobe CS3 users's online CS3 tutorials have received 5 million plays over the first year. Adobe Systems, Inc.

So you got yourself some Adobe CS3 products, but you're still trying to get your workspace organized or iron out your cross-product workflow or how to use the Puppet tool in After Effects? Apparently lots of other people are in the same position according to a case study from EffectiveUI, developers of Adobe's online Video Workshop application built using Adobe Flex. The tutorials have seen more than 5 million plays over its first year.

The video tutorials cover 22 of Adobe's products including all the CS3 components and span 47 topics. The information comes from product experts across the Adobe community and the videos are produced by And aside from viewing them online, a number of the tutorials can be downloaded for viewing offline.

Oh and in related news, You Suck at Photoshop is back on, fresh from a Webby win.