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Adobe's Morph Cut is like autotune for videos

A new feature in Adobe's video-editing software Premiere Pro helps to smooth out jumps and cuts in talking-head style interviews. Here's how it works and how you can put words in someone's mouth.

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If you have ever watched or edited an interview, you'll know that there is usually a lot of content that needs to be cut out.

Traditionally, a video editor creates a series of cuts to remove things like false starts, ums and ahs, or content that does not fit in the context of the interview. These cuts, also known as jump cuts, often look very obvious like the footage has "jumped."

Adobe's new Morph Cut transition, introduced with the latest Creative Cloud update for Premiere Pro, is designed to smooth out these cuts in order to make talking-head style interviews look seamless -- sort of like what autotune does for audio. Morph Cut uses interpolation and face tracking to effectively fill in the gaps.

What about using Morph Cut to transition between different people with similar characteristics? Here is a test to show what happens.

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Have you had a chance to try out Morph Cut? Were your results good or bad? Link us to your footage in the comments below.