Adobe's ATM/ATR updates: the latest developments; Read Me files posted

Adobe's ATM/ATR updates: the latest developments; Read Me files posted


Regarding conflicting statements from Adobe as to what is or is not included in the Adobe Type Manager 4.0.3 and Adobe Type Reunion 2.0.3 updates (as covered here previously), a final resolution remains elusive.

I contacted Adobe Customer Support. The person with whom I spoke confirmed that Customer Support had likely been in error in describing the update's features. They promised that a press relations person would contact me to provide further information. I have received no call as yet. My attempts to contact Adobe by email have similarly failed. However, I received one unsolicited email from Bur Davis (ATM Product Marketing Manager). He said that there is no ATM "Light" update available. Version 4.0.3 is only available in the Deluxe version.

Meanwhile, Adobe Customer Support continues to give callers erroneous information. For example, Frank Van Alstine writes: "I got my upgrade today, loaded it, and saw that it was the old 2.0 not 2.0.3. So I called Adobe and they swore up and down that I got the right version and that it is supposed to say 2.0, not 2.0.3." After he told them about what was posted on MacFixIt, he was told to wait while they talked to supervisors. "They came back all sheepish and admitted I did indeed get the wrong version and that they would send me the 2.0.3 update free of charge."

In this regard, William Kucharski writes: "You can tell which version you were shipped by a small label in the lower left hand corner of the back of the envelope; one reads "ATM,4.0.3, MAC, DSKST,UE,CD,DLX PN: 17150023" and the other "ATR,2.0.3, MAC, DSKST,UE,HD,DLX PN: 17190008."

Other readers report that Adobe Customer Support continues to claim that the ATM Deluxe 4.0.3 update has no changes except for the fix for Japanese fonts. Just to set the record straight, I have posted the ATM 4.03 and ATR 2.0.3 Read Me files. They list all the changes that are supposedly included in these updates.

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