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Adobe updates video-editing software

The graphics software maker on Monday plans to announce a new version of its Premiere video-editing package.

Graphics software maker Adobe Systems on Monday will announce a new version of its Premiere video-editing package.

Version 6.5 of Premiere is aimed at videographers ranging from serious hobbyists to non-Hollywood production companies. Thanks to recent advances in PC design, including the spread of Firewire ports that allow rapid transfer of video files from cameras, it's now possible for a PC to handle editing tasks that used to require a custom workstation, said Bruce Bowman, Adobe's product manager for Premiere.

The new version of Premiere allows real-time previews of special effects that formerly would have required lengthy rendering cycles, Bowman said. "PCs have become very capable video-editing platforms. We're taking advantage of the power that's there now."

The new Premiere is particularly targeted at casual video editors--Web designers and other creative professionals who might need to produce one or two video clips a month, Bowman said.

Additions to the new version include expanded tools for creating title sequences, a basic DVD authoring application, new sound-editing tools and MPEG encoding.

Premiere 6.5 is set to go on sale in the third quarter, priced at $549 for the full version or $149 for those upgrading from a previous version.