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Adobe Team Projects could give video producers hours of their lives back

Truly collaborative video workflows finally come to Creative Cloud.


When committing a change to a project you can add notes.


Following Adobe's software development is a lot like watching Babylon 5 (through season 4): One big story arc that lasts years until you finally see where it's been headed all along. We've finally reached that point for Adobe's Creative Cloud video strategy with the latest announcement, Team Projects. It's the culmination of the development that started with the centralized cloud-based video syncing technology the company introduced with Adobe Anywhere in the spring of 2013, followed by the syncing asset Libraries launched in 2014, and most recently, proxy editing.

Team Projects is the first step in a truly collaborative workflow; though at the moment, it only integrates Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude. When working with those appications, multiple team members simultaneously access projects, with version control and edit histories in the media browser. Each user works on a local version that gets synced with others on demand, with several conflict-resolution options.

This system should cut down on a ton of back and forth in current workflows. I really hope to see it in the design tools as well.

If one of the applications doesn't understand an element from another -- such as After Effects not being able to parse Premiere Pro captions -- it just ignores it. That needs to be fixed. And Audition and Photoshop really need to be integrated as well. But this is a great first step for a leap in productivity for pro workflows.

There are a few other important features that should appear when this release is available, including project templates -- sadly, only in After Effects for now -- the ability to package Live Text (titling) assets for sharing between Premiere Pro and After Effects, as well as package puppets from Character Animator to share.

Adobe's playing coy about pricing and availability for Team Projects and the rollout date for the application updates, which the company should announce as part of its Adobe Max conference at the end of October.