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Mobile Apps

Adobe Scan can now turn business cards into contacts

Because business cards refuse to die.


The app can add a basic set of information to your contacts. 


Yes, it's a feature that the app should have had when it launched a year ago, but now Adobe Scan can convert those quaint bits of stiff paper rectangles into usable contact information.

Adobe's mobile app for converting paper documents into searchable PDF files -- still free with Adobe registration -- has improved auto adjustment capabilities for cleaning up documents under poor lighting in addition to the card scanning capabilities.

With business cards, it detects the edges, crops to them, corrects skew,  and adjusts the exposure; when you tap "save contact," it adds the name, company, phone and email info to your contacts and saves the card image. Just the essentials, but it's free.

It's available on Android and iOS, but initially the card-to-contacts feature only supports English.