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Adobe releases new versions of Photoshop, Premiere Elements

The basic versions of Adobe's flagship Photoshop and Premiere software have been updated with new features, including Content-Aware Move and pet-eye correction.

Adobe has updated its consumer-oriented photo- and video-editing software packages with the release of Premiere Elements 12 and Photoshop Elements 12.

(Credit: Adobe)

Even though both products are targeted towards enthusiasts rather than professional users, the Elements range has traditionally proven to be pretty powerful for the majority of use cases.

Updates to both packages include the addition of the following features:

  • Mobile Albums — allows for photos and videos to be shared across devices using the Adobe Revel app (iOS or Android)

  • Guided Edits — step-by-step instructions for creating different effects, such as restoring old photos or adding video transitions

  • Auto Smart Tone — the software learns how you like to edit photos or videos, which then allows for one-click adjustments once you have used the software enough times.

Other updates to the individual packages include Content-Aware Move, which comes to Photoshop Elements 12. Sharing a similar name to Content-Aware Fill, which made its debut in Photoshop CS5, Content-Aware Move lets you move objects within an image, and the software will automatically fill the remaining area with the appropriate background. For budding pet photographers, the new Elements also comes with pet-eye correction for removing unflattering flash effects from Fido's eyes.

Photoshop Elements 12 also gets 64-bit support for Mac systems, like the fully fledged versions of Photoshop.

Exclusively for the Premiere Elements side, users can now add up to 50 soundtracks that automatically adjust to the duration of a clip, as well as use motion tracking to keep text or graphics moving with the video subject.

Even though Adobe is moving towards a subscription-based model with its Creative Cloud service, the Elements packages will remain as stand-alone purchases for the time being.

Both packages are available for purchase now through Adobe's online store for AU$129.99 separately or AU$99.99 for upgrade users. A bundle containing both Premiere Elements 12 and Photoshop Elements 12 sells for AU$199.99 or AU$149.99 for upgrade users.