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Adobe releases DNG codec for Vista, updates spec

The DNG codec for 32-bit Vista is now available for download. Plus, Adobe fleshes out its camera profile and image-validation metadata.

Today, Adobe made several announcements relating to its Digital Negative format (DNG) including the availability of the 32-bit Vista codec. You can download it here.

Adobe positions DNG, which is actually a flavor of TIFF, as a nonproprietary alternative to the variety of camera raw formats used by most of the major dSLR manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus. Later-to-market entrants, like Samsung's GX models and Casio's Exilim Pro EX-F1, have embraced DNG. As Stephen Shankland alluded in a previous post, according to Kevin Connor, Adobe's director of product management for Professional Digital Imaging, Adobe has submitted the DNG flavor as a potential update to the existing TIFF/EP standard ("EP" for "Electronic Photography"). Today's enhancements include a more fleshed-out concept of camera profiles, as well as support for multiple camera profiles per file, and a metadata field for image-authentication data.