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Adobe relaunches AIR application directory

Company has revamped its directory listing of AIR applications, giving developers new tools to track what users like and don't like about their applications.

On Tuesday, Adobe Systems relaunched its directory of AIR applications, calling it a "marketplace." There are, however, no premium applications that cost money--at least not yet.

Adobe Integrated Runtime is the company's desktop runtime for rich Internet applications. Beyond the namesake, users can finally search for applications by both name and developer. There are also four new RSS feeds that post the most recently added, most popular, staff-chosen, and recently updated applications.

On the back end of all of this, developers can now manage the various versions of their hosted applications and keep track of downloads and user reviews. Users can also view a company's profile and all its AIR applications in one place, which makes it a little simpler to download more applications from a developer you like.

This new system should be able to scale a little better than the old one as that number grows larger. There are still just under 400 applications in the directory, with the most popular one being an AIR front-end for Adobe's own service.

The new marketplace is a little tighter and includes many under-the-hood upgrades for developers who want to post their AIR applications. CNET Networks