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Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad app now supports Retina Display

The latest flavor of the Adobe's mobile verson of Photoshop gets a tune-up with support for Retina Display and other enhancements.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

Owners of the latest iPad who use Photoshop Touch can now view their images in all their Retina Display glory.

Version 1.3 of Photoshop Touch for the iPad now handles the higher resolution found on Apple's third-generation tablet. The new support will not only enhance images but also render the interface, text, and other areas more "crisp and clean," according to Adobe.

Photoshop Touch users can also now work with images of print quality, up to 12 megapixels with several layers included. The default resolution is 4.2 megapixels with 10 layers, but users of the Retina Display iPad can bump that up to 12 megapixels. The app itself can handle up to 16 layers in a single file.

Users will discover other enhancements as well.

A new "pixel nudging" mode can help you more precisely move around individual pixels. A new three-finger tap gesture lets you switch between 100 percent view and a fit-screen view. Two effects have been added -- Shred and Colorize. And Adobe promises better animation and scrolling in the app's organizer, tutorial browser, and file picker.

Adobe didn't forget about Android users of Photoshop Touch. The app's Android version kicks in most of the same improvements, including support for 12-megapixel images, pixel nudging, Shred and Colorize effects, and smoother animation.

Photoshop Touch costs $9.99 in both the Apple Store and Google Play. The latest update is free for all current owners.

Adobe is on a mission as of late to update many of its products to tap into Apple's Retina Display.

The company today enhanced its Premiere Pro video editor to support the higher-resolution MacBook Pro. Also in the works are updates to other CS6 applications, notably Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Edge Animate, SpeedGrade, and Prelude.