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Adobe Lightroom now playing on your Apple TV

The app enables the image-processing software to display synced photos on your TV.


If you've ever had the yen to display the photos in your Adobe Lightroom mobile catalogs on your TV -- and that's a pretty specific yen -- there's now an Apple TV app for that. It allows you to navigate your collections, see individual photos and slideshows, and zoom in on photos. In addition to the synced photos, it will let you view photos you've uploaded via the web interface.

Apple TV and Lightroom are a perfect match: they're both low resolution. Apple TV doesn't support 4K, and the photos you're viewing from Lightroom are the small Smart Preview files which are only 2,560 pixels on the long edge. They'd look pretty bad in 4K.

While Lightroom mobile is free, you have to be a paying Creative Cloud subscriber to take advantage of the Apple TV app -- the cheapest option for that is currently the Photography Plan at $120 (£103, AU$144) a year.

The app requires a fourth-gen Apple TV and is available now from the App Store.