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Adobe InDesign, InCopy CS2 4.0.5 released: CS3 compatibility enhancements

New updates for InDesign and InCopy that add CS3 compatibility.

Adobe has updated both InDesign CS2 and InCopy CS2 to versions 4.0.5. This is primarily a a CS3 compatibility update, containing fixes that address known issues with CS3 to CS2 Export to INX (Save Back) workflows.

Other areas improved in this update include:

  • indexing
  • launch issues
  • transparency
  • shortcuts
  • text and fonts
  • scripting
  • inline graphics
  • InDesign Interchange (INX) files
  • German Reformed (1996) hyphenation
  • XML
  • library files
  • performance
  • QuickTime 7.x support
  • printing
  • SING glyphlets
  • EPS export
  • text import

The updates are available via the following download links:

Feedback on the new releases?

  • InDesign CS2
  • InCopy CS2
  • Adobe InDesign CS2 4.0.5 [43.9 MB]
  • Adobe InCopy [40.6 MB]
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