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Adobe, IBM License Java

href="">Adobe Systems announced today that it has agreed to broadly license Sun Microsystems' Java programming language and integrate Java support into future versions of Adobe Acrobat electronic publishing tools and Adobe PageMill Web-page authoring software.

The Adobe announcement came on the heels of yesterday's statement by IBM that it too has agreed to license Java. IBM officials said they plan to add Java to the company's Web browser software and to various operating system software programs.

In its announcement, Adobe said it will integrate support for Java applets into Adobe software, and is considering integrating Java technology across its products and application programming interfaces.

PageMill is Adobe's integrated authoring tool that allows users to create Web pages without having to view HTML code. The company's Acrobat is a series of electronic publishing tools that lets users employ a number of different authoring applications to create documents that can be viewed, searched, and printed across various platforms and printers.