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Adobe gives bloggers a way to Contribute

Adobe gives bloggers a way to Contribute

Curiously, a lot of desktop Web design software still doesn't make blogging easy. Instead, many bloggers continue to use the online tools offered by their hosting service to compose and edit entries, which can be a problem with an unstable Internet connection. However, Adobe just released its simple Web publishing app Contribute 4, with new support for blogging at TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress.

The $149 Contribute 4 also integrates with Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver. Site editors can maintain Dreamweaver's user permissions within Contribute 4. Plus, you can drag and drop Flash movies into pages and blog posts designed with Contribute. These changes indicate the deepened integration among tools from Adobe and Macromedia since the companies wed last year. Luckily, Contribute 4 will still work on Windows 2000 in addition to XP and Mac OS 10.3.9.