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Adobe: Expect revenue to be up in 2011

Despite pressure from Apple, the company expects revenue to be up in the 2011 fiscal year and it thinks it will match market revenue estimates for the quarter.

Adobe might be feeling pressure from Apple, but the company is still performing relatively well financially.

Adobe announced today that it expects its fourth quarter revenue to be in line with its targets. With five weeks left to go in the quarter, which ends on December 3, the company expects to generate $950 million to $1 billion in revenue. It also plans to have earnings per share of $0.35 to $0.41 when it officially releases its fourth quarter earnings on December 20.

And it expects next year to be a good one, too. The company believes its 2011 fiscal year revenue will grow by 10 percent, compared to 2010.

As well as things are going for it financially, Adobe still continues to face adversity.

Adobe has been battling Apple over Steve Jobs' insistence that its Flash multimedia software not run on iOS-based devices. And now, Apple's issues with Flash are extending to the Mac. The hardware company said it will no longer ship its Macs with Flash pre-installed. Instead, Mac owners will need to download Flash on their own if they want to run it on their machines.

In addition, Flash's main rival, HTML5, is also making some headway on the Internet. According to a recent study from video search engine MeFeedia, 54 percent of all Web video can be played back with HTML5. The company said that HTML5's Internet penetration back in May stood at just 26 percent, while in January, just 10 percent of videos were available for HTML5 playback.